Weaver Landscape was founded by Rod Weaver, who was born and raised in South Atlanta. While attending Douglas High School, he began mowing lawns as a summer job and discovered he had a knack for helping homeowners achieve a beautiful landscape. With determination and a passion for employing people from the local community, Weaver Landscape was born. Ten years later, the company has serviced thousands of homes and worked closely with homeowners associations, commercial, and residential clientele throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Dedicated to Superior Lawn Care Service

Through proven dedication and diligence, Weaver has accommodated homeowners and corporate clients to achieve their desired lawn care and landscape needs. Driven by a core belief in customer satisfaction, Weaver’s team is dedicated to providing superior lawn care service and maintenance.

Our Core Values

  • We’re certified lawn care professionals
  • We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Our staff is uniformed and knowledgable
  • We focus on providing industry competitive prices

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Great Job All the Time

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“Weaver Lawn Care is the BEST they have been taking care of my lawn at my business and my home for over a year and I want to give credit where it’s due.” Read More

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“First time lawn care service over the weekend and they provided my lawn with the best manicure ever. Thanks! Can’t wait for my continued service!!” Read More